VEGGIES: Community Garden Update, Part II

It has been really busy at the South Orange Community Garden. Everything is growing and I have been weeding like a crazy person. I planted a couple of new things including onions, white radishes, carrots, okra and lettuce. I even harvested my first radishes, scallions, basil, and kalettes this past week! Yesterday I had to build a trellis for my cucumbers so they can grow up like my green beans. My arms are getting more and more toned every week! Gardening is hard work!

See below for some pictures of the fruit of my hard labor.

VEGGIES: Community Garden Update


Can’t wait for them to turn RED!


Baby Cucumbers


A Little Ladybug Hanging Out On My Tomatillo Plant




Green Beans and Cilantro




Radishes Poking Out!


Picking My FIRST Radish


So Proud!

Jeans: American Eagle, Shirt: AYR, Sunglasses: Toms, Shoes: Steve Madden

2 thoughts on “VEGGIES: Community Garden Update, Part II

  1. That is AWESOME! I would love to get involved with a community garden! I had a square foot garden a few years ago when I was at a place with some backyard-age. Now I’m just stuck with a small second floor deck, and a few potted plants (and a container of tomatoes!) But, do what you have with what you’ve got, right?


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