CELEBRATE: National Donut Day 2016

Happy National Donut Day!

My FAVORITE day of the year (after my birthday of course)! I have chosen to celebrate by sharing two new New York City donut establishments with you! And by sharing some special #agirlandherdonut blooper photos. E always gets a few horrible photos of me mid-bite!

Let the donut celebrations begin!

The Doughnut Project – New York, NY

Over the weekend E and I made our way downtown to The Doughnut Project. Ever since their big win at Donut Fest NYC, I have been DYING to try them. They did not disappoint!

The Doughnut Project does not shy away from new and different flavor combinations. In fact, they are famous for their Beet and Ricotta donut (aka Those Beetz Are Dope). Sounds delicious! Unfortunately, E hates beets (probably more than he hates mushrooms). Since we were sharing the donut we decided on something we both could enjoy, an Olive Oil and Black Pepper Donut (aka The Bronx).  We both are HUGE fans of Olive Oil Cake.  The olive oil used for the donut is locally sourced from Oliviers & Co.  The donut was perfectly fried.  Light and fluffy, just the way I like it. The pepper was subtle. It was unexpectedly delicious!

We were speaking with the owner and she mentioned that they had a special collaboration with Angry Orchard Cider planned for National Donut Day. I wish we could be in NYC to try it! We will definitely be visiting again soon!

CELEBRATE: National Donut Day 2016

CELEBRATE: National Donut Day 2016The Donut MenuCELEBRATE: National Donut Day 2016

CELEBRATE: National Donut Day 2016Cold Brew Coffee + Donut = HEAVENCELEBRATE: National Donut Day 2016Top: Banana Republic, Bracelet: Jet Set Candy, Rings: Ariel Gordon Jewelry, Earrings: Walter BaumanCELEBRATE: National Donut Day 2016

Underwest Donuts – New York, NY

THIS DONUT SHOP IS IN A CAR WASH, PEOPLE. Need I say more? Well, even if I don’t, I will.

I somehow convinced my father in law to stop at Underwest Donuts on our way out of New York City this weekend. I MUST remember how I did that for the future…

Underwest is right on the Westside Highway inside of a car wash. Definitely an interesting place for a donut shop! It is also directly across the highway from the Intrepid Museum. Because it was Memorial Day there was nowhere to park, so I quickly ran in to grab a few donuts. Underwest makes artisanal cake donuts. I was overwhelmed by how many different flavors they had.

I settled on the Car Wash (vanilla lavender), Matcha Green Tea and Blueberry Thyme donuts. Three donuts for four people. That seemed like enough.

When we arrived back in New Jersey, it was time for a taste test! I started with the Car Wash donut and it was AMAZING. The vanilla and lavender both come through without overwhelming my palette. Next we tried the Blueberry Thyme donut. It had a piece of candied lemon on top which we all thought was unnecessary. The donut itself was delicious. The blueberry was present and the thyme was subtly there as well. I was NOT a fan of the Matcha Green Tea donut. It had a chalky taste to me.  E loved it! To each their own.

I can’t wait to see what other interesting flavor combinations Underwest Donuts comes up with! I am sure they have something brilliant up there sleeves!

CELEBRATE: National Donut Day 2016Peace Out NYC. ‘Tis Time for Underwest Donuts!

Dress: Madewell (similar HERE)

CELEBRATE: National Donut Day 2016Car Wash/Underwest Donuts Entrance
CELEBRATE: National Donut Day 2016So Many Flavors!CELEBRATE: National Donut Day 2016

CELEBRATE: National Donut Day 2016

CELEBRATE: National Donut Day 2016Donut Glamour ShotsCELEBRATE: National Donut Day 2016


CELEBRATE: National Donut Day 2016

CELEBRATE: National Donut Day 2016How To Eat A Donut, By: #agirlandherdonut

And now for the donut bloopers… Because you can never take yourself too seriously!

CELEBRATE: National Donut Day 2016I Whip My Hair Back and Forth (Blackbird Doughnuts)CELEBRATE: National Donut Day 2016Caught in the Act (Astro Doughnuts)CELEBRATE: National Donut Day 2016Wait…You Are Still Taking Pictures?! (Underwest Donuts)CELEBRATE: National Donut Day 2016Looking Like A Floridian Retiree (Blackbird Doughnuts)CELEBRATE: National Donut Day 2016How To Eat A Duffun (Brownie Points Bakery)CELEBRATE: National Donut Day 2016Stop It! Let Me Eat My Duffin in Peace (Brownie Points Bakery)CELEBRATE: National Donut Day 2016That Is Just Unattractive (Purple Glaze)CELEBRATE: National Donut Day 2016I Didn’t Say Go Yet! (Montclair Bread Company)CELEBRATE: National Donut Day 2016My “I Am Trying To Act Cool While Eating A Donut” Face (Montclair Bread Company)CELEBRATE: National Donut Day 2016These Crunch Balls Are Interesting (Palmer’s Sweetery and Cafe)

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