TRAVEL: Eating My Way Through Napa

I hope you enjoyed reading about everywhere we enjoyed drinking while in Napa. Today I share with you everywhere we ate! You know E and I love to eat with reckless abandon…

Napa is home to some really spectacular restaurants. Make reservations in advance, as you don’t want to miss out on these special spots!

Where to Eat


I have been wanting to visit Napa just so we could dine at Michael Chiarello’s restaurant, Bottega. My husband’s family have not stopped talking about their meal at Bottega since the last time they were in Napa. When we finally tried to make a reservation, all of the 7:00PM and 7:30PM slots were booked up, so we decided to eat a late dinner at 8:30PM.  Little did we know that this would result in an extra special meal! When we arrived we were escorted to their wine cellar for a private meal. We hadn’t reserved the room in advance or anything. Since we were a larger party and it was a bit slower in the later evening, they sat us there. Our server, Eric, was also the house Sommelier, and was so knowledgeable about wine and the menu.  After surveying the menu, we selected a variety of appetizers and entrees. We ordered the Insalata di Cavolini di Bruxelles (Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad), Pesce Crudo (Tuna Crudo), Polpette alla Griglia (Short Rib Meatballs), and a Raviolo di Uovo (Yolky Egg Filled Raviolo) as our appetizers.  We ate every last morsel on every last plate. I basically licked the plate of the Raviolo. When you cut the pasta, the yolk came streaming out. It was DELICIOUS!

For our entrees, my sister in law and I ordered the Spaghetti Gragnano alla Sophia Loren.  It may have looked like a simple pasta dish but it definitely didn’t taste like one. The pasta is cooked in tomato water which gives it really nice deep flavor. E ordered the Frutti di Mare in Acqua Pazza, my father in law the Costolette Brasate e Affumicate (Smoked and Braised Short Ribs), and my mother in law the Tagliarini Bolognese.  There was silence at the table, a rarity in the Weinberg family, as we all ate away.

For the coup de grace, we (READ: ME) ordered the Zeppole a la Crema, aka DONUTS! How could I resist? You would think that I wouldn’t have been able to eat one more thing after the meal we had just had. But like my sister always says, I always have room in my dessert pouch!

Bottega is a MUST visit when in Napa.

TRAVEL: Wine Tasting in Napa

TRAVEL: Eating My Way Through Napa

TRAVEL: Eating My Way Through NapaDress: J.Crew, Sweater: EverlaneTRAVEL: Wine Tasting in NapaPesce Crudo (Tuna Crudo)
TRAVEL: Wine Tasting in NapaInsalata di Cavolini di Bruxelles (Shaved Brussels Sprout Salad)TRAVEL: Wine Tasting in NapaPolpette alla Griglia (Short Rib Meatballs)TRAVEL: Wine Tasting in NapaRaviolo di Uovo (Yolky Egg Filled Raviolo)TRAVEL: Eating My Way Through NapaFrutti di Mare in Acqua PazzaTRAVEL: Wine Tasting in NapaSpaghetti Gragnano alla Sophia Loren TRAVEL: Wine Tasting in NapaZeppole a la Crema

Gott’s Roadside

We were looking for an easy lunch stop in between wineries during our tour. Gott’s Roadside fit the bill. It is low key, local to the Bay Area, has outdoor seating, and is incredibly delicious. They even had options for non-meat eaters!  E ordered the Alabama BBQ Chicken Sandwich with a side of fries while I ordered the Ahi Poke Crispy Tacos. We were both quite satisfied with our choices. My fish was fresh and was paired nicely with the avocado. E enjoyed the spicy and smokey flavor of the chicken. We would definitely stop in again if we were in the area!

TRAVEL: Wine Tasting in Napa

TRAVEL: Wine Tasting in NapaAhi Poke Crispy TacosTRAVEL: Wine Tasting in NapaAlabama BBQ Chicken Sandwich

In N’ Out

E is OBSESSED with In N’ Out. Anytime we are in the State of California E immediately craves a double double animal style.

Post Quixote and lunch, E had a craving so we stopped in for a snack. E ordered a burger, animal style, while I ordered a grilled cheese animal style with a side of fries and a chocolate shake. I am not sure how I was that hungry but the food and shake disappeared quite quickly. While it is a chain, it is specific to California. I recommend stopping in if you have never had a double double animal style. I hear it is life changing…

TRAVEL: Eating My Way Through NapaE’s Excited Snapchat at In N’ OutTRAVEL: Eating My Way Through NapaALL of the Burgers (and Grilled Cheese)TRAVEL: Wine Tasting in NapaLOVE their Logo!


We were originally scheduled to go somewhere else for brunch. Last minute, I suggested that we switch places and go to Archetype. I had read great things about it online and one of my favorite bloggers, Gal Meets Glam, is a frequent visitor.

When we arrived, Archetype was bustling with people. After an initial mix up regarding our reservation, we were seated at a long table inside the restaurant. They also have a great indoor patio area (note to self: request to sit there next time). The decor is very simple and modern. Within a few minutes of sitting down I noticed that another one of my favorite Boston bloggers and Instagram personalities, Lauren S Wells, wandered into the restaurant with her mother. I couldn’t contain my excitement!  After I calmed down a bit, we placed our orders.

My sister in law and I each ordered a short stack of the Lemon Ricotta Pancakes with Blueberry Syrup and Almond Butter.  I ordered a side of Anson Mills Cheddar Grits. We also ordered a plate of Cheddar Biscuits for the table, with the gravy on the side (so I could have one sans gravy). E ordered the Baby Back Rib Sandwich while my father in law ordered the Brunch Burger Special. They split the two so they could enjoy a bit of each! They both thoroughly enjoyed their choices!

The pancakes were one of my favorite things I ate while we were in Napa. I literally licked my plate clean. Not a morsel left. The pancakes were soft and fluffy, the syrup really tasted like fresh blueberries and was not overly sweet. It was a perfectly balanced dish. I wish I could transport myself there every Sunday for brunch just to order them again. And the short stack was the perfect size. Any more then that and I would have been overwhelmed and would not have finished.

TRAVEL: Wine Tasting in Napa

TRAVEL: Wine Tasting in Napa

TRAVEL: Wine Tasting in Napa

TRAVEL: Wine Tasting in NapaAnson Mills Cheddar GritsTRAVEL: Wine Tasting in NapaLemon Ricotta Pancakes with Blueberry Syrup and Almond Butter (before I devoured them all)TRAVEL: Wine Tasting in Napa

TRAVEL: Wine Tasting in NapaBaby Back Rib Sandwich with BBQ Chips

 Heritage Eats

On our last morning in Napa while finishing up at Pine Ridge Vineyards, we couldn’t decide where to go for lunch on the way back to San Francisco. We had been toying with the idea of going back to the Oxbow Public Market instead, but we weren’t 100% sure. I think our server at Pine Ridge sensed our inability to make a decision and handed us a menu for Heritage Eats. He explained that it was a Chipotle-style restaurant with globally inspired sandwiches, wraps and salads.  When you walk in, the menu is above the counter. You select your protein first, then your base, toppings and sauce. I selected the Crispy Chickpea Falafel balls on Dutch Crunch bread (aka Tiger Bread) with Crunchy Cabbage Slaw, Roasted Corn and Edamame and Quinoa Tabbouleh. I topped that with Boom Sauce. To drink I ordered a Thai Iced Tea. My sister in law ordered the Dutch Crunch Banh Mi, while everyone else ordered the special of the day: Chinese Chicken Lettuce Wraps.  Everything was AMAZING.

TRAVEL: Wine Tasting in Napa

TRAVEL: Wine Tasting in NapaCool WallpaperTRAVEL: Wine Tasting in NapaDutch Crunch with Crispy Chickpea Falafel BallsTRAVEL: Eating My Way Through Napa

Thoroughly Enjoying My Meal…Thanks E for Capturing this BEAUTIFUL Moment!

Bracelet: Jet Set Candy, Sweater: Everlane, Watch: Freedom to Exist, Rings: Ariel Gordon Jewelry

TRAVEL: Eating and Drinking My Way Through Napa

Specials for Days…Actually We Ordered the Last 3!

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