BREAKFAST: Fried Egg, Garlic Sauteed Collard Greens, and Cheesy Egg Scramble on a Montreal Bagel


It is FINALLY  Friday aka jeans day! My favorite day of the week.

Who is pumped for the weekend?? ME!

The weekend is the perfect time for fancy decadent breakfast. During the week I eat Dannon Light and Fit Strawberry Cheesecake Greek Yogurt at my desk. Not very exciting but healthy, protein filled and quite tasty. 80 calories and 12 grams of protein! Anyone who knows me well, knows I am a sucker for cheesecake. While I have been avoiding the real stuff, this is a pretty good replacement!

On the weekend E and I have a bit more time in the morning and as a result we have more time to make, eat and enjoy breakfast. We go ALL OUT.  Some weeks we make pancakes or a breakfast hash.  Lately, I have been CRAVING fried eggs.  They are so versatile. You can put them atop anything! I think it is related to our recent trip to Japan.  We had soft boiled eggs in ramen and soba all over the country! #ramenaddict

Is there anything better then a perfectly cooked yolky fried egg?! I don’t think so.  Last Sunday, I decided to combine three of my favorite things. A perfectly cooked yolky fried egg seasoned with salt and pepper, a Sesame Seed Myer’s Montreal Bagel, and Cabot Cheddar Cheese (all from our adventure in Vermont). We threw in a little sauteed collard greens for some color. Oh my god was it delicious.

Try it and let me know what you think!

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