SAUCES AND SPREADS: Garlic Scape Lemon Almond Pesto



As you know, E and I signed up for a CSA through Stony Hill Farms for the summer. The last two weeks there have been garlic scapes in the box and I have had NO IDEA what to do with them.  I had never even heard of them or seen them before. They have a funny look to them. See below.

I didn’t want them to go bad and I didn’t want to throw them away, that would be wasteful, so I decided to make something that E and I love – PESTO! It is definitely different then your standard basil pesto. It has a bit of a spicy kick to it and the consistency is a little more chunky, but I think it is even more flavorful. Enjoy!

Garlic Scape Pesto 2

Before and After


Garlic Scapes, 1 bunch, chopped

Fresh Lemon Juice, 1 lemon squeezed

Slivered Almonds, 1/4 cup

Garlic, 1 clove, smashed

Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Sea Salt, to taste

Fresh Ground Pepper, to taste

*Parmesan Cheese, optional


1. Place the garlic scapes, garlic, lemon juice, slivered almonds, salt and pepper into the Cuisinart Food Processor.

2. Grind the ingredients together. Add the olive oil to the food processor slowly, and pulse together until you get your desired consistency. I like mine with a little texture.

3. Store in an airtight container in the refrigerator or serve immediately.

**This is great on pizza, as a sauce for pasta or as a spread on toast!

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