LOCAL: The Teaneck Doghouse


The Menu

IMG_0385The SEC Dog with Pulled Beef

A few weekends ago a friend asked us to meet them for drinks in North Jersey. We typically don’t venture that far north on a Saturday night unless it is to New York City but we had heard good things about Teaneck Doghouse, a new Kosher sports bar, and wanted to give them a try. While initially I thought this was a strange concept, I was surprised at how well it was executed. We arrived right when they opened on Saturday night, post Sabbath, and sat ourselves at the bar. The bar is covered in old/vintage baseball cards. It is actually really cool. The Doghouse had several tables, high-tops and regular, but we wanted to sit where the action was. Who doesn’t love sitting at the bar?!

After reviewing the menu, E was pretty impressed with their beer selection. They had a wide variety of craft beer, domestic and imported, in addition to the standard Budweiser, Corona etc. The bar staff was quite knowledgeable about the beers they had on tap and were able to make recommendations when asked. We settled on an Allagash White and New Holland Dragon’s Milk.  Both not your typical sports bar beers. Once we settled into our beers we decided to order some grub. The prices for beer and food were fair; in line with what you would expect at another sports bar (kosher or not).

At the recommendation of the bar manager, I ordered the SEC dog, while E ordered the brisket sandwich.  Our friend ordered the pretzel crusted chicken tenders. We also ordered some fried pickles as an appetizer to share. You know I can’t resist fried pickles.

The fried pickles came out first and were just the right level of crunchy. The rocket sauce they came with was a great spicy condiment. We finished all of them. Like that is a shock to anyone… It was right around this time that I noticed that the bar had filled up and was now wall to wall, packed with people.  We couldn’t have been sitting there for more than 45 minutes. Impressive!

 The SEC dog and brisket sandwich came out next. My SEC dog, aka knockwurst, was pilled high with pulled beef and coleslaw. It was AMAZING.  The pulled beef melted in my mouth and the coleslaw was crunchy and acidic, which cut through the fat of the beef nicely. E’s sandwich was also delicious. There was so much brisket, we were overwhelmed. Of course I had a couple bites. Sharing is caring. Our friends pretzel crusted chicken tenders looked and smelled amazing.

No other kosher restaurant in the area is serving food like this. We would definitely go back. The atmosphere is like you would expect at any other sports bar, and as someone who only eats kosher meat, it was nice to be able to order anything I wanted off the menu! It was such a treat. If you are beer nerd, like E, and a foodie, you should stop in to the Teaneck Doghouse and give them a try. You won’t be disappointed.

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