V-DAY: Pizza, Pizza Lovers


I like pizza

You like pizza

I am bad at poems

Kiss me


E and I love pizza. Not as much as our friend Scott, of Scott’s Pizza Tours…but we are up there. For V-Day, I surprised E with matching pizza t-shirts by Xenotees. They are so soft and comfortable. And ridiculously adorable. While what I am about to type next is extremely nerdy, bear with me. E and I wore our matching shirts to a screening of Fifty Shades of Grey (sexy, sexy) and then went to our new favorite local pizza joint, Arturo’s in Maplewood, New Jersey. They don’t take reservations so be prepared to wait a bit on a crazy Saturday night. We only waited ~30 minutes. Not bad for Valentine’s Day at dinner time. They have communal seating and regular tables. This time we lucked out and got a table for two. So romantic.

Arturo’s tries to source as many of their ingredients from local farmers as they can. If not from local farmers, then from farmers in the United States. How very responsible of them? We over ordered – as we always do (who doesn’t love leftovers?!). We ordered the beet salad and kale caesar salads in addition to the ricotta crostini and sauteed lacinato kale. All were delicious and very fresh. The big finish was a large Bianco pizza, with sea salt, house made mozzarella, ricotta and olive oil. Bellissimo! We ate half the pie and took the rest home.

Cold pizza for breakfast, I think yes. #happydance

** I do not work for Arturo’s or Xenotees. I paid full price for the shirts via Etsy and was not paid to review them. Additionally, we were not paid by Arturo’s for this review. We live locally and love to eat there!

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