#BOUQLOVE : Summer, Flowers and BBQ

After a long, harsh winter, it is finally summertime here in Boston and let me tell you, it is glorious. The farmers markets have reopened (see pictures from our jaunt to SOWA last weekend below) and it is a joy to wander around the city in shorts and flip flops once again. With summer and sun, come family barbecues, concerts and parties. And what better way to celebrate the season then with some beautiful flowers. Whenever husband comes home with a bouquet of flowers it puts a smile on my face. Who knew it could be that easy? Whenever we entertain I try to have a fresh bouquet somewhere on the table to brighten things up. And whenever we go to friends, we bring a bouquet to our hosts! It is a nice way to celebrate and say thank you.
Lately, it has been a little more difficult to get to the flower shop in our area so we have been ordering bouquets online. The tough part about online flower shopping is not knowing the quality and source of the flowers. You never know what is going to show up in that vase. In addition, shipping generally costs more than the flowers themselves. As a young married couple on a budget, we like to know we are getting the best flowers for our money and that we are not getting price gouged.  
We heard about theBouqs.com through some friends and have been very happy with their service. The flowers are cut fresh to order from their flower farm (which is located on the side of an ACTIVE VOLCANO near the equator – super cool, right??) and delivery is FREE! They have three bouquet sizes available ranging from $40 to $70. When you consider that the flowers are fresh and that delivery is included in that rate, it is an AMAZING deal. And they have such a wide variety of flowers and bouquets ready for you to choose from – from roses to sunflowers, ranunculus to lilies. The bouquet I am currently coveting is the Cake N’ Cream which is a colorful mix of ranunculus, my new favorite flower. My birthday is next week so I have been hinting to husband that they would make a great present! And as the 4th of July fast approaches, I am very excited to order the Red, White, and Bouq for our first BBQ in our new apartment. I love summer, food and flowers! It is my favorite time of year!  #BouqLove #HappySummer #USA #Beantown
Beautiful Kale at SOWA
Husband indulging in his favorite grilled cheese from Roxy’s
I am a very happy camper!
**This post is a sponsored product review for The Bouqs.  While I was compensated, all views and opinions are my own.

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