SALTY DESSERT: “Compost” Brownies

This weekend husband and I are going to New Hampshire with a big group of friends. I was debating what to bring for the group and then I remembered I had a box of Duncan Hines brownie mix. What is better for a party then brownies?! I can’t think of anything… I also may or may not be a brownie addict. I could eat a whole pan myself. So…I decided to make the brownies but I wanted them to be a little different. I took inspiration from the Momofuku Milk Bar “Compost Cookie.” (I am going to NYC next weekend for Super Bowl festivities with my dad and brothers and I will be getting a couple to bring back to Beantown) 
I added a mini bag of broken pretzels, Trader Joes white chocolate chips, a Taza Chocolate disk, chopped, and some Trader Joes semi-sweet chocolate chunks. If I had some Chex Mix or Rice Krispies I would have added them as well. I even decorated the top with whole pretzels, more chocolate chips and chunks. They look and smell delicious. I cannot wait for everyone to try them tonight! Hope you have a great weekend! Stay warm!

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