So…after a week of eating lots of sautéed kale, I was bored (and so was husband). But I had a half bag of kale left in the fridge! What to do? Well I have an amazing food processor so I decided to try to make some kale pesto. I was taking a chance. I had no idea what I was doing but it was actually quite tasty! I tossed some pasta in the pesto. It was a great side dish to our buffalo/BBQ baked chicken!

Minced Garlic
Sea Salt
Fresh Ground Pepper
1/2 Lemon
Pine Nuts
Olive Oil

1. Place the pine nuts and minced garlic into a food processor. Pulse for 10 seconds.
2. Add the kale, some fresh ground pepper, sea salt, and juice of 1/2 a lemon to the food processor. Pulse for 10 more seconds. 
3. Add olive oil until the consistency that you want it to be. I like it a little chunky. Not entirely smooth. 
4. Either, you can instantly add the pesto to your favorite pasta or you can store it for a couple days. To store, put into a Ball mason jar. Add a layer of olive oil to the top. Then seal tightly and put in the fridge!

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